Company Profile: Lucid Insurance Services

Thank you for allowing Lucid Insurance Services to satisfy your healthcare needs. Lucid Insurance delivers the best customer experience for buying health insurance by offering the broadest selection of leading health plans, delivering unparalleled customer service and guaranteeing the best price. We take pride in educating our members while letting them learn that health insurance is affordable and attainable.

This website empowers individuals and small businesses with knowledge of affordable plans, information to make the right choice and provides a single location to purchase health insurance. Lucid insurance presents health insurance in an objective, unbiased manner, empowering the purchaser to make the best overall choice. Our agents are qualified with over 15 ears of experience. Agents are available to answer your questions and make sure your insurance application is processed promptly and correctly.

Licensed agents will explain the benefits of the plans and insurance companies. Lucid insurance will coordinate your open enrollment, annual reviews and also help to resolve any claims issues you may incur.

Best of Health,

Lawrence Williams, CEO